Courtney + Allen's UP Themed Wedding

Another one of my favorites! It is so much fun to work a wedding with a well thought out theme, especially when the couple is awesome too. Courtney and Allen, two librarians who met at work, are nerds about a lot of things. One of those things happens to be Disney! Their wedding took place at the Orange Hill restaurant in Orange, California. They both rocked "Grape Soda" pins, and their color scheme consisted of all the colors of the rainbow (or the UP balloons). Their personalized vows are the Highlight of the video in my opinion, as they were so fun, yet very real and genuine. They even included a Star Wars reference at the end of them, does it get any more cool than that? Yes, because they also cut their cake to the Tetris theme song, and had a doughnut stand where they were cooked right there in front of you! They finished the evening with inviting everyone outside to watch the Disneyland fireworks. As Allen said to his bride, "You've truly, genuinely changed my life, you made it awesome". Congratulations Courtney and Allen and may you two live happily ever after!

Melissa BrandComment