About us

Photo by Troy Ramirez

Photo by Troy Ramirez

Hello! My name is Melissa, I am the owner of Dear Fox Films and we are so excited to capture your big day on video. My team of shooters and I have documented hundreds of weddings and thoroughly enjoy witnessing every one. Telling the love story of your wedding day is our specialty and we would be honored to be a part of the big day.

“The video that changed my life was one my Grandmother recorded the day I was born. I was able to watch my parents cry happy tears, hear such wonderful words of joy coming from other friends and family members, and I even got to witness a surprisingly satisfying look of confusion on my older sister’s face. Watching this moment felt so powerful to me, as if I had traveled through time. Ever since then I brought a video camera with me everywhere. A photo captures a still moment, but a video has the ability to tell an entire story” - Melissa

Our strong points:

  • Teamwork - We are passionate about working as a team with all of the different moving parts for your event. This includes making plans and working strategically alongside your other vendors as well as always making sure our couples are happy with everything throughout the day. Each wedding has a unique team to put together a great event! We work well with others and love working together to create the best day (and best video) for you as possible!

  • Keeping it natural - Trendy lighting and color tones are sometimes very beautiful, but we like to keep everything as natural as possible to prevent your video from becoming dated in just a few short years. We also don’t like to direct too much on the day of, as that can sometimes lead to you looking unnatural and sometimes awkward.

  • Unobtrusive - Creating a beautiful wedding film sometimes means using a ton of equipment. Here at Dear Fox Films we understand living in the moment is the most important, so we don’t like to be the ones always front and center with a bunch of ugly cameras in the way. We have long lenses so that we can stay behind guests during most of the day, and we make it a point to be as unobtrusive as possible with our gear.